Frequently Asked Questions




Frequently Asked Questions 
What is a replacement window
A true replacement window is a window that's custom built to fit within the opening of an existing window. It's built  to fit precisely and can be installed without                                                           disturbing the interior and exterior areas around the window.

What are the advantages of custom replacement windows over pre-made, standard-size windows stocked at home centers and lumber yards?
Because custom windows are made to fit perfectly, they provide the best energy efficiency (which saves energy costs) and install much more easily and with very little mess. Also, because of the myriad of options available that affect appearance and efficiency, custom windows allow consumers to design exactly the windows they need or want.
Standard windows typically cost less in the beginning, but other expenses and factors—like additional labor and the disruption to the home—far outweigh the original savings. For example, installing stock windows requires that you add brick or siding to the exterior, and drywall or other materials to the interior. In addition, custom-made windows allow you to choose the best solution to the problems you want to solve by replacing windows.
Do replacement windows really pay for themselves or is that just a sales line?
It's true, if you select high-quality, energy-efficient windows. Savings will vary, but expertly engineered and well-built windows lower home energy consumption. With vinyl-framed windows, maintenance is also virtually eliminated. No need to scrape and paint windows.
These energy and maintenance savings will allow you to recoup your
window investment over time.

Aren't beautiful vinyl windows an oxymoron?
Years ago that may have been true. However, today—with the options available and with advances in window design technology—quality vinyl windows are both beautiful and unique. For example, home owners can choose from sculptured or sleek window styles; white, almond or woodgrain vinyl finishes; standard or diamond grids; and beveled, leaded, etched or stained glass. And these are just a few of the options available.
There are still old fashioned, low-end vinyl windows available,
but the new designs are beautiful, maintenance-free and energy efficient.

How are replacement windows any different from older windows in terms of cleaning?
Many high-quality windows are actually engineered to make cleaning easier. For example, double-hung windows with the latest internal constant force balance system allow a home owner to easily maneuver the sashes up and down. They tilt in—and lock securely in place—for safe, easy cleaning. Quite a difference from old wood windows that stick and are
difficult to move up and down.
Will new windows eliminate condensation?
Actually, no. Condensation is moisture vapor suspended in the air, and that's something no one can guarantee to eliminate. However, high-quality vinyl windows incorporating warm-edge technology glazing systems will help to reduce condensation because they're much less thermally conductive than other window types. They can help keep the temperature of the window warmer—minimizing the hot and cold differences that turn moisture into condensation.

What are the advantages of vinyl windows over windows made with wood, metal or a combination of materials?
Vinyl is THE ideal window construction material because vinyl:
Doesn't deteriorate or rot.
Can be extruded and shaped into brilliant window designs.
Doesn't damage or corrode when scratched.
Can be fusion welded to eliminate air and moisture leaks at the joints.
Offers excellent insulating properties—especially when used in multiple-cavity
frame designs.

Are there differences in the vinyl used by window manufacturers?
Absolutely. Vinyls are like any other man-made compounds. There are numerous components in vinyl compounds and there are many vinyl manufacturers that produce numerous types and grades for window manufacturing. Lesser-quality vinyls typically have problems with brittleness or impact resistance, color consistency, and expansion and contraction. The best vinyls are proprietary compounds formulated specifically for manufacturing high-quality windows.
What makes one window stronger than another and why is window strength important?
The profile design and methods of assembly determine the strength of a window. Just as beams or roof trusses are designed for specific mechanical loads, so are window shapes.
The strength of the sash and frame dictate how the window will maintain its shape under high winds. A weak window can flex and reduce the effectiveness of the weatherstripping, resulting in air and water infiltration and, subsequently, higher energy costs.
 A weak window design also requires near-perfect window installation to
ensure an effective seal.. 
You'll have windows with long-term strength and squareness if you select windows with:
All fusion-welded joints.
Glass sealed to the sash frame.

Do woodgrain vinyls really simulate the look of wood and how well can they match different wood types?
Advances in vinyl technology allow quality woodgrain vinyl laminates to come very close to the look of real wood. It's very attractive and it often matches the color of the wood trim in homes. An added benefit is that woodgrain vinyl laminates never need to be stained or sealed.