Patio, French & Garden Doors


WeatherMaster Patio Doors 

 "N" Series  

These Extremely tight, strong, very energy efficient "N"Series White PVC doors are available in a standard size 4-9/16”  jamb. Sliding with available stationary sidelights and transoms, the design and materials will resist wind and water infiltration.




 All "N" Series Doors are rigid PVC lined with 12 gauge galvanized steel for strength and durability.  4" wide side, top and bottom rails and 7/8" Insulated Glass for strength and energy control.  Key locks and a 2-position foot lock are standard!  

"N" Series Sliding Doors are equipped with sliding extruded screens featuring Betterview® Fiberglass screen wire






WeatherMaster "A" Series Sliding Patio Door
Value Priced 
Knocked Down 4-9/16" PVC Frame
Welded Sash
7/8" Insulated Glass Standard
Low-E/Argon Filled Insulated Glass Available
White Hardware- Rolling Screen



Interested in a replacement prime door with a Jalousie insert?  Contact us for more details on this innovative new product!